Interview with Loeb Fellowship at Harvard University


Empowering Elders Through Community Coalitions for Resilience: The Ibasho Approach

This video was developed as part of the ‘Call for Case Studies on Coalition Building’ initiated by the Global Disaster Preparedness Center.

Meet the Loeb Fellows: Emi Kiyota

Creating Ibasho – Designing Socially Integrated & Sustainable Communities That Value Elders

Ibasho Philippines Mobile Cafe Project Launching


Elders Leading Resilience (2015)

These videos show how community elders were empowered to help the community recover after the great earthquake in Ofunato, Japan in 2011. It assesses the experience of the Ibasho approach on post-disaster recovery and strengthening social capital.

Full Length version: 26min

Short version: 5min

Ibasho Philippines: Need Your Support


“Body & Soul” Symposium


Emi Kiyota: Interview with CLC (ageing in Asian cities)

Allen Power & Emi Kiyota “Creating Resilient Communities for All”