How does Ibasho work with you?

Ibasho partners with local organizations and community to create socially integrated and sustainable communities that value their elders. Our approach is to empower elders, transforming them from burdens to society who need care and resources from younger generations to contributing members of society with something to offer other members of their communities.

We offer:
– Initial assessment and brainstorming
– Forming project team
– Concept development
– Education/workshop sessions
– Design Charrette
– Architectural design
– Operational plan
– Project Management
– On-going operation support
– Research and evaluations
– Fundraising support

Ibasho will be involved from the initiation of the project and post-opening phase to ensure the long-term sustainable operation among the community elders.

We will also facilitate peer-to-peer support network among the Ibasho projects community.